Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sankofa was a true turning point in my journey. The images were the best yet in both technique and composition.  It helped that I had two full performances to really hone what I was after.  It also helped that I had Kevin sitting next to me in regular fashion with any new piece Kevin would sit next to me and tap my knee as if it was a remote trigger for the shutter!  After a fashion I would know the moments to capture and both in memorization of the piece and a new found instinctiveness.    Leaps and jumps were now captured at the right moments.    This show featured two distinctive pieces both of which where in lighting conditions half of the normal shows I had shot before.  ISO was maxed out and thanks to Adobe pulled back in during the processing phase....

All images not noted are copyright by Christopher Cushman and can only be used or re-posted by the artists permission. 2010

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