Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why I Love Dance!

What a long year it has been.  Last January I had the honor to photograph 40 dance companies from all over the world during the course of three days at the International Association of Blacks in Dance Confrence hosted by dance Immersion in Toronto.  To be able to pull this off I needed to have a new piece of equipment created, a camera blimp.... easily available online at a hefty premium my brother Matt and I schemed a solution with a pelican case and some foam.... Matt carefully crafted the blimp which reduced shutter noise by 98%!  This allowed me to shoot 40 live performances with out disturbing the enthusiasm of the audience! 

So my first thanks goes to my brother Matt Cushman for helping me get to the show!  I also want to thank Vivine, Cassanndra and the staff of dance Immersion for believing in my abilities and my stealthy new gear.  Kevin Ormsby for being my constant support and companion through dance!  Micheal Chambers for including several of my posters in the associated gallery show: Motion! I was fortunate to meet so many dancers and choreographers during that weekend and all in all it was an amazing beginning to 2012....  In March I took an unexpected time out with open heart surgery....  I have spent most of the year in recovery and now all is better!  During that time I spent months cultivating all of my images which was very therapeutic... Dance has always been important to me!
Tonight I have completed uploading some of the best of each performance and the next 40 posts are here for everyone to enjoy!

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